Simple | Wash, Dry & Fold…Let us do the rest
Convenient, productive, time-saving  (minimal, effortless)


          • 1 in 6 Walmart shoppers use a laundromat.
          • Combine your two biggest weekly tasks into one. Knock out your Walmart shopping and let Spinjoy wash, dry and fold your laundry.
          • The average wash/dry cycle in-home or at a laundromat – load prep, transition to dryer, and folding – takes 80 minutes. Spinjoy completes this entire cycle in 55 minutes or less.
          • Receive a notification to your Smartphone when it’s ready for pick ujp, or go home and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

Innovative | A new way of doing laundry

Tech-driven, sustainable, new


        • Spinjoy is an app-enabled, cashless operation that delivers unprecedented levels of convenience and customer service. < What are we calling employees? Valet?
        • Spinjoy makes membership and payment easy with three subscription options.
          • $19/day for unlimited laundry in a 24 hour period
          • $59/month for unlimited loads of laundry
          • $79/month for unlimited loads of laundry AND free delivery
          • Spinjoy is making laundry more sustainable. The machines are faster and more efficient than your average in-home appliance. Not only are they 3-4 times larger, but the wash cycle will also be completed in less than half the time and consume less water.
          • Something about detergents here?? Two choices? Bring your own or we can use ours.


Fun | Laundry Made Fun

Modern, clean, energetic


          • Your laundry is due for a refresh cycle. Spinjoy is reinventing the routine from the run-down, coin-operated laundromat to the front-end of your favorite retailer.
          • Bright, bold, and full of energy- Spinjoy is taking the dirty, old and outdated out of laundromats and creating an environment that is just as clean as the laundry delivered.